Eco system Based Disaster Risk Reduction in 12 Village of Shrawasti District

Shrawasti District is one of the districts of the Uttar Pradesh, India and Bhinga town is the district’s headquarter. Shrawasti is a part of Devipatan Division. Shrawasti is a newly created district carved out from district Bahraich. Shrawasti shares its border with District Balrampur, Gonda and Bahraich. Bhinga, the District Headquarter of Shrawasti, is approximately 175 kilometres away from approximately the state capital, Lucknow. Shrawasti, the north eastern district of Uttar Pradesh, is located near River Rapti.

Natural disasters that are of significance in Uttar Pradesh are – Floods, Droughts, Fires and Earthquakes. Loss of life and property from these disasters, especially the former three, are in terms of hundreds of corers of rupees annually. UP is vulnerable from the aspect of man-made hazards too i.e. stampede, chemical, radiological and other Hazards.

Approximately 7.34 million hectares of area get affected annually due to Floods. Annual approximate loss due to floods is Rs. 432 corers. Number of human loss due to floods & thunder storm is 380 in the year 2013. As per the 2014 report, 68,000 people had been hit by the floods in Shravasti district. (THE HINDU, LUCKNOW, August 19, 2014). The important area of concern in the district Shravasti is that it is badly affected by frequent floods every year. Un-control of river water of the River Rapti in the rainy season submerge many of villages and destroy the households, crops, roads, trees, electric poles and many other public infrastructures.

The ECO – DRR Project is being implemented in 12 Villages Block of Shravasti District from September 2015 by Development Initiatives By Social Animation (DISA). This narrative report contains the activities planned and implemented by DISA in Ikauna block from 01 September 2015 – 31 August 2016