pg13In Sadar and Harraiya Blocks in Basti District, Ikauna Block of Shravasti District, and Mithaval Block in Siddharthnagar District, DISA has involvement for integrated community development programmes. In these villages communities were mobilized for participatory development. We facilitated to form Community Based Organizations in the form of Self Help Groups and Women’s Associations.

We have financial support from NABARD to facilitate 50 Self Help Groups All the 50 Groups are formed and linked with Banks by opening their Savings Accounts. Groups initiated inter-loaning among the members and they are in the processes of CCL with Banks.




The details of the SHGs and their livelihood programmes are given below:

Particulars Sadar Block Harraiya Block Mithaval Block Ikauna Block
Total SHGs as on March 2016 65 45 45 13
No of Members   March 2016 801 541 509 509
Total Savings till March 2016 2083832/- 2145557/- 22820/- 94350/-
Total Loans availed as on March 2016 44,24597/- 32,16512/- 582621/- 74430/-
Total Loan Repayment as on Mar 2016 30,02342/- 28,06034/- 3,650/- 25,040/-
Outstanding Loan till March 2016 14,22255/- 41,0478/- 57,8971/- 49,390/-
Total Interest and Fines received 55,2656/- 86,5232/- 3,473/- 2,982/-