pg42In collaboration with Academy for Educational Development, Lucknow we have a new programme to promote the habit of drinking safe water in villages. Under this programme our team members are going to the 54 GPs of Harraiya and 53 GPs of Bahadurpur Blocks in Basti District to create awareness on the present situation of water contamination, ill-effects of the water borne diseases and the cheapest ways of water purification. Samples are collected from the point of use and demonstrations are done to showcase the water pollution. People are given the options to buy chlorine tablets and chlorine liquids to purify the water, which shall be the cheapest way for safe drinking for the poor. In collaboration with Hindustan Lever Ltd, the water purifiers are also available for the people at affordable rates. By all these we aim at behavior changes for better health in villages. The collaboration of PANI Sansthan and Sathi Forum is readily available for us to implement the programme.