(DISA is Partner for the implementation of the following Programmes:)

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This programme has been initiated in April 2007 for the 80 marginalized farmers in selected 10 villages of Mithaval Block and the programme intended to promote good package of practices for safe, scientific, profitable and sustainable agriculture. It is directly benefiting the village communities who find it difficult to carry on with agriculture due to various difficulties they face and make it viable and economic. The Programme is being implemented under the guidance and network of Grameen Development Services (GDS), Lucknow and is supported by Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Mumbai (SDTT). We could develop the Package of Practices after the field testing and extend the programme to 280 farmers spread in 28 villages and facilitate the formation of 10 Farmers’ Clubs and their Federation. They have developed Common Facility Centres for supporting the members of the Farmers’ Clubs. We also could arrange for their exposure visits, introduction of compost manure preparation, mushroom cultivation and implementation of the Package of Practices.

Working Area Mithaval Block
Covered Villages 28
Farmer Club 10
Members 280