pg19Promotion of primary education of the children specially the girls of the villages being a top priority for DISA, we tried our best to create awareness on the need of education and sensitize the community of enrolling their children in schools and ensure their education. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has been the slogan and efforts of Govt. We intervened in creating awareness in communities and motivated the parents to enroll their children in nearby Schools. Out Motto has been all the children in school and studying well. Our focus was to make the CBOs as Pressure Groups to monitor and ensure availability, accessibility and quality of primary education especially of girls and the facilities attached with the schools.

pg20We collaborated with PRATHAM, Mumbai to conduct the ASER 2008 Survey (Annual Status of Education Report) in the District of Basti to assess the conditions and the quality of education in the Govt. primary schools. This survey also intended to test the impact and utility of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan of Govt. and the utilization funds channeled for this purpose through special education tax and other budgeted resources. The Survey Report has been published by PRATHAM at national and state level.

pg21Facilitation of studies of very deserving students with the financial support and scholarships also has been an important activity for DISA. During the Year we could extend scholarships to 5 such students to pursue their studies.