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We focused our attention to increase the awareness of the communities in the affairs of Panchayati Raj Systems. In the villages the participation of people especially the women is minimal. The Gram Sabha and Panchayat meetings are not regular. In many villages we conducted special meetings of the elected members and Pradhans. In 40 % of the villages of Bahadurpur and Harraiya Blocks, under the SURE START Programme we could rejuvenate the Gram Panchayats and make them more participatory and functional. The VHSCs (Village Health and Sanitation Committees) became very active. We motivated the Groups to be more vigilant and watchful to participate in the PRIs and act as pressure groups for their entitlements. One of the themes for the Women’s Day was to focus on the increase of participation in PRIs by women and men. Our aim is to develop few model Panchayats. The capacity building programmes of Partner CSOs under the leadership of PANI Sansthan enabled DISA to have better understanding, focus and direct interventions with PRIs.