pg51The Primary School at Harraiya established with resources mobilized partly by DISA is picking up fast and growing as prestigious institution in that area. There were 540 Students and 16 Teachers in the school in the academic year 2009-10 with classes from Lower Kindergarten to Class lX. They have all the curricular and extra curricular activities to impart integrated education and personality development of the children as envisaged. The Rural Development Programmes got great impetus with extension of DISA activities in the entire Block and specific activities in about 100 villages under the IDEA and SURE START programmes. They have also promoted the education of the poor by facilitating 05 Balwadies with nearly 152 children & 05 Balwadies teachers in the villages as pre-schools. The School students also participate in the village reach out activities and this is a new model we have tried to develop under DISA.