In partnership with CARE India and other Civil Society Organizations, DISA began implementation of the programme in the selected 83 villages / Primary Schools in Ten Blocks of Bahraich and Balrampur Districts. The Programme implementation started in July 2009 and completed the first Quarter. An Agreement was signed with CARE INDIA for one year beginning from Oct 2009 and it renew for May 2011. The details of Programme activities and implementation are given below:

With education for girls the single highest return on investment in the developing world, CARE has launched thePOWER WITHIN PROGRAMME (PWP) which will enable girls to complete there primary and upper primary education and develop leadership skill that will empower the girls to work with their families, communities and over come poverty. In this context, POWER WITHIN a girl leader is an active learner who believes that she can make difference in her world and acts alone and with others to bring about positive changes.

In this intervention DISA has entered into collaboration and partnership with CARE India and intervened in 83 selected model schools in Ten Blocks of Bahraich and Balrampur Districts to implement the Girls’ Leadership Initiative – Power within Programme by which the empowerment of girls through education is aimed at. DISA is already working in Ikauna Block of Shrawasti district and has office at Ikauna. The adjoining ten Blocks of Bahraich and Balrampur Districts are the area for interventions:

The goal for Girls’ Leadership Development Programme is to enable girls to complete their primary education and develop leadership skills. The programme will address some of the fundamental challenges to girls’ education and provide vulnerable and marginalized girls with the opportunities to achieve there fullest potential. Girls’ Leadership Development Programme’s three main objectives are Increase the number of girls completing primary school, Build girls’ leadership skills, Advocate for the rights of the girls, Development Leadership Skills among girl’s.